What to do in Ostia by evening

Ostia is one of the places on the coast of Rome that Roman citizens and tourists frequent most during the summer.

What to do in Ostia by evening?

What to do in Ostia by evening? In fact, Ostia is one of the places on the coast of Rome that Roman citizens and tourists frequent most during the summer.

The main reasons are the proximity to the capital, the large number of equipped beaches and the presence of several night clubs.

Furthermore, Ostia can be reached comfortably both by car and by train, but also through buses that lead directly to the center of Ostia or to the access to the sea of Capocotta.

What to do in Ostia by evening?

In Ostia there are numerous attractions and things to do both during the day and at night: in fact, in the evening many bathing establishments are transformed into cocktail bars, restaurants or discos.

You can therefore have an aperitif with friends, between soft lights and the white beach. But the premises of Ostia are located not only on the seafront.

Here the atmosphere created at night by the beach with the background of the crashing waves makes the evening extremely pleasant, but even in the city there are very nice clubs.

The wide choice of pubs, bars, night clubs, restaurants and discos allows you to always find the place that best suits your needs.

This is especially true in summer, when the chances of having fun in Ostia reach the top and you have a wider range of possibilities to choose from.

You can take a walk on the waterfront in the pedestrian area, or go to a club to dance, but also for a cocktail. Alternatively, you can choose an ethnic style restaurant.

In fact there are some where you can dance or (according to the schedule of the day) to participate in more peaceful meditative evenings.

However, every evening around midnight, the music that comes from disco pubs and nightclubs becomes more dance and louder, so that they can be unleashed until the wee hours.

When you wonder what to do in Ostia by evening the most immediate answer is to go to a place.


The best places in Ostia

There are many scattered throughout Ostia, which remain open until late.

Let’s see which are the best.

On the promenade the “Open Bar” is famous: it is located on the Lungomare Lutazio Catulo, near the Rotonda.

It is one of the most renowned and most popular clubs in Ostia, thanks to the special evenings organized and the favorable position, it has two swimming pools near the beach and therefore you can dance and drink by the pool in a pleasant atmosphere.

In addition, pleasant private parties are also held there.

Beach Bar “Vittoria”, “Bahia”, “Il Capanno” and “Il Curvone” are characterized by its simple environment, in which light and soft colors prevail. Some of these have also a restaurant on the beach.

Themed evenings are sometimes organized (for example, the Martini Fruit Party, where cocktails are based on Martini).

At other times a drink card is offered to men in order to have discounts on drinks throughout the evening or for prosecco women.

In addition, you can also dance on the 3 tracks to the sound of black, revival and commercial music.

Other very popular places are located on the beach of Ostia both for an aperitif or for dancing (a characteristic of every place in Ostia).

Places well known for their excellent cocktails and the fact that admission is always free.

Also on the promenade (Lungomare Amerigo Vespucci), there is the Oasis Beach Club, where events and musical evenings are organized by the sea.

In addition, there is also an open bar on the beach, deck chairs and umbrellas


Cocktails and live music

In addition to disco evenings, elegant venues are offered where numerous private parties and evenings with live music are also held, such as La Casetta, Shilling, V lounge.

Well-known bathing establishments where radio music is transmitted from the beach during the day, and disco and live music evenings at night.

Going to the ethnic places, Don Pepe is very original (both in appearance and in the type of organized evenings).

It should be remembered that some places are open during the winter, so you know what to do in Ostia in the evening even in this season.

Cocktails are also characteristic, prepared in many different types.


As you can see, there are many possibilities for fun: just choose the place you prefer to decide what to do in Ostia by evening.