Giulio II Castle Ostia Antica Italy


Giulio II Castle Ostia Antica Italy

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Castello di Giulio II baldassarre_peruzzi


Even with the modern changes happening in the general Italy, Giulio II Castle still maintains an ancient beauty.

This is one place that you want to visit when in this area. It is also in this small modern town that you will find the small church of saint Aurea.

The region is an interesting place to visit whether you want a quiet time or are looking for adventure since there are numerous shows and exhibitions you could attend.

Giulio II Castle: Historical Monument


Italy has been marked as one of the regions in the world with a unique world heritage site.

Even though Italy is famous for its many interesting sites, Giulio II Castle is a monument worth paying for when in the area.

Furthermore, you should take this opportunity to vist the castle before it closes its doors to the public because the castle has been experiencing insufficient funding.

There was a time when Ostia Antica, which is the home of the great castle, had more than 72000 inhabitants.

However in the 14th century the glorious city fell into ruin. The city became an entry for visitors from the sea to Rome.

As a result issues of pirates was also rampant at some point.

Even so, this did not make it any less famous especially considering that popular and respected people visited the castle during its glorious moments.



It is this association that contributes to its success to date. You can also be part of history by visiting the castle when in Italy.                                             Castello di Giulio II baldassarre_peruzzi

After all, you should not lose a once in a lifetime chance.

This castle was built around the same time that the rebuilding of the church in Ostia was commissioned in the 15th century.

Its unique architectural structure and magnificent stature makes this castle the most striking building in modern day Ostia.

The restoration of the town and building occured in the 20th century.

This restoration maintained most of the historical greatness that every visitor should visit and experience it first hand.

Giulio II Castle Ostia Antica Italy: Location


The castle of Julius is located near the famous Rome.

It is located in Piazza della Rosa, a small but elegant Roman square.

Although in a small town, its well preserved historical ruins is enough reason for you to visit.

The castle is a 15th century military architectural fortress whose glory and purpose was lost when it became inaccessible due to floods.

A changed river’s course after heavy floods turned a maginificent castle into an ornamental building since it could no longer serve its original purpose.

Even though the castle was originally built for defense purposes, due to unfortunate events it failed to meet its goals.

was built with a triangular shape with its base towards the sea.

Its main purpose was to guard the city from the coast inversion but it also served custom officials well as they could control ships with ease.

It was simple therefore to collect revenues for the Vatican in this manner.

The great Giulio II castle,

like most ancient buildings, has numerous art representation in its entire structuring.

Castello Giulio II Ostia Antica

For the love of art

Everything in here is a representation of Pope Julius the second whose greatest love was arts.

The castle was inspired by him and everything that was a representation of what he loved.

Visiting this ancient castle will give you an opportunity to feed your eyes with some of the most magnificent frescos in the whole world.

Most of the paintings were done by the greatest and most talented artists in the Peruzzi school.

It is here that you will find restored painting of the trials of Hercules and Cameo of the ancient Roman emperors.

Although only partially revealed, this is a chance to get a sneak preview of what things were back then.

It is therefore no strain as to why you must visit the great castle in Ostia.

Art lovers looking for inspiration need no convincing to get themselves to this place.

Apart from artists, archeologists also have a reason to visit Ostia.

The well preserved memoirs are a rich source of information for ancient study experts and collectors.

There is a lot to pick from this town starting with unique architectural designs.

Furthermore, this is one area that has not been fully commercialized or modernized hence the much needed tranquility and peace can be found here.

This is espeially if you are tired of the fast paced life of the rest of Italy.

You can always retreat to this part of the country and enjoy an ice cream, walk the coast and enjoy a few exhibitions.

You can also relax with a loved one away from the hustles of town life. 


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